NEW — 2/27/13 — KMIC SE Conference Presentation on Research Methodology for Identifying Marine Industry Sectors

KMIC January, 2013 presentation to the Alaska Workforce Investment Board

Ports and Harbors Profile.  Ketchikan provides deep-water, ice-free ports and harbors in a strategic location 690 miles north of Seattle, and 932 miles south of Anchorage.  Read more about Ketchikan’s port and harbor facilities here.

NEW — The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council recently completed a new draft report identifying 212 marine industry businesses in the Ketchikan region.   KMIC is seeking to refine this list with input from Ketchikan’s private sector employers.  Download the full report here. 

The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council (KMIC) is an industry-led initiative supporting growth and expansion of Ketchikan’s diverse maritime economy.  Our definition of “maritime” includes numerous value-added and knowledge-based sectors, including transportation, shipbuilding and repair, the marine vendor base, safety and environmental services, construction, logistics, professional and technical services, and allied industries, as well as port, harbor, and energy infrastructure.

Funds provided by private industry donors and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough allow the Ketchikan Marine Industry Council to take an active approach in establishing a robust and prosperous regional maritime economy.
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